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21 February 2018

Tips to Keep in Mind When Budgeting Your Roofing Project

Your roof is far from invincible and will eventually require maintenance and repair. Since the roofing structure tends to be the most expensive part of the house to maintain, address or replace, it’s imperative that you budget your project correctly.…

16 February 2018

The Effect of Blue-Green Algae on Your Roof

Look around your neighborhood. Chances are, you’ve seen that some roofs have noticeable and unsightly black or dark brown streaks running across them. In fact, your own roof might have the same problem! While it may appear to be roofing

25 January 2018

3 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Roof’s Life Span

Your roofing system needs proper care and regular maintenance if you want it to last for decades. AIC Roofing and Construction can help keep your roof in great shape with our roof inspections and roof repair services. Today, we’ll provide …

17 January 2018

AIC Roofing and Construction Answers Your Roofing Questions

Do you want to learn more about your roofing system? AIC Roofing and Construction, the area’s leading roofing contractor, can answer all of your questions. We have over a decade of experience and have helped countless homeowners with their …

25 December 2017

How Winter Can Damage Your Roof

Your home’s roofing system is put to the test when winter arrives. Snow may look whimsical and harmless, but it can do real damage to your home’s roof, especially in adverse weather during the season. The first step to protect …

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