fall roofing tips

These fall roofing tips from your roofing contractor include inspecting your roof periodically, doing routine maintenance and keeping debris off your roof. Here are a few helpful tips for the homeowner.

Inspect Your Roof

You can call your roofing specialist to get a complete roof inspection. This is helpful if your not sure about the integrity of your roof. You can also inspect your roof yourself and see if you can visibly see damaged or worn roofing material. Look for worn shingles, curled shingles, broken or loose areas and discoloration. If you see damage around the roof at the flashing make sure you reseal the flashing. Make sure you examine your gutters too. Look for dents and damage, loose connections, sagging and missing or broken fasteners.

Do Some Fall Maintenance

Make sure you trim the trees around your home and remove any fallen limbs from your roof. Check the insulation in your home to make sure it is enough for Central Kentucky. Insulation should be rated R38-R60 in Kentucky and be thick enough to keep the heat in. Check vents, chimney areas, pipes and attic doors for areas that heat may escape into the attic. You can avoid ice dams with proper insulation. Ice dams form when ice and snow melt on the roof and refreeze on lower sections. Keeping good insulation will prevent the heat from escaping through your roof.

Remove Debris

Don’t allow leaves and other debris to accumulate on your roof. Wet leaves can cause extra weight on your roof. Water can also pool in the area which is a heavy load on your roof. Ice that forms in this pool of water can further damage your roof. Water that turns into ice will expand into cracks and around flashing where it can cause moisture to get in. Added weight from ice can damage your roof and cost money for repairs. In extreme cases, it can collapse your roof completely.

Your Roofing Contractor and Fall Roofing TIps

AIC Roofing and Construction can help with all your roofing needs. We can give you a complete fall roof inspection, complete any repairs to your roof or gutters. Because we specialize in roofing, gutters and siding we are better able to supply you with the roofing repairs you need. If you have any questions about these fall roofing tips, call AIC Roofing and Construction and they will be happy to help.