Having a skylight comes with many benefits, such as filling a room with natural light – a definite plus during the longer, darker days of winter.

On the flip side, skylights are sometimes the source of water leaks for many reasons. Leak repair is crucial for preventing damage to your roof and home.

How Do I Know My Skylight is Leaking?

In some cases, your skylight isn’t the source of a leak although all signs point to it. For instance, condensation may be the source, especially in a humid room such as a bathroom. The warm, moist air of the room reaches the colder surface of the skylight and condenses, causing water to drip.

Your skylight may be the source of the leak, however, if you see signs such as a water stain at the skylight’s header or toward the peak side of your roof.

What’s Causing My Skylight to Leak?

There are a variety of reasons why your skylight leaks, but the following are most common.

  • Damaged flashing – Flashing is the metal surrounding your skylight which connects to your roof. Flashing can corrode and break down over time because of exposure to different kinds of weather.
  • Roof problems – Roof issues, such as loose shingles around the skylight, may cause leaks. Roof cement, especially if used to install the skylight, is another potential reason for leaks. If the cement cracks during weather extremes, water can seep through it when it rains.
  • The age of your skylight and roof – Age is another potential cause of leaks. Older skylights are more prone to leaking, while an older roof is more vulnerable to potential damage.

How do I Fix a Leaking Skylight?

Call a trustworthy professional roofing contractor if you think your skylight leaks. There are things you can do, such as making sure the skylight is fully closed and removing leaves, twigs, and dirt around it. Call a dependable contractor to inspect your skylight for issues. They can then re-seal the unit, repair or replace damaged flashing, make sure it has proper insulation, or even add a layer of roofing cement in the gap between the roofing and the edge of the flashing.

Contact AIC Roofing & Construction of Lexington when you have a leaking skylight. We fix leaks, repair damaged roofing, replace a roof, and much more.