Managers of apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings have a unique challenge. Are these structures residences or commercial buildings? Who should you contact for help with roof replacement, gutters, and roof repairs? How do you pick the right roofer? How many days will your building or facility be impacted by the project?

Exemplary Experience

Any job on a multi-family structure needs three bids; it is just basic business sense. You can weed out the outrageous gouger and the storm-chasing wanderer by taking time to interview roofers and collect the three bids. 

When AIC Roofing & Construction is one of those bidders, you have a significant advantage from the very beginning of your project. Our firm’s experience with multi-family dwellings cannot be duplicated and is your assurance that any project, however modest, will be handled flawlessly. 

Ask a potential roofer for your multi-family dwelling some basic questions about their experience: 

  • What type of multi-family experience do you have?
  • What unique challenges do multi-family structures present?
  • How do you overcome those challenges?
  • How long, in your estimation, will the job take?

Exceptional Explanations

We can save you some time by providing answers and explanations of our multi-family work at AIC Roofing & Construction. We have replaced roofs for:

  • Duplexes
  • Quad apartment units
  • Ten-unit buildings
  • A 16-unit building
  • A 72-unit single apartment building
  • A 15-building apartment complex

Thanks to your experienced, highly efficient roofing crew, most projects, from tear-off to new roof, can be done in a day. Of course, others (like a 15-building apartment complex) are a bit more involved and could not be done in a single day. The job also included wrapping the soffit and fascia (the horizontal decorative roof edge, behind gutters) and installing gleaming new gutters. We’ll let you know how long your project will take; if multiple days are needed, we’ll coordinate the project to do multiple buildings in a day so you feel as little impact as possible.

Extraordinary Excellence

When you allow AIC Roofing & Construction to be part of your multi-family project, you gain our experience and extraordinarily excellent installation history. The peace of mind this brings is priceless. 

AIC Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your partner in central Kentucky for multi-family properties. We can provide professional, timely inspections, repairs, and roof replacements. We can repair or replace fascia and install new gutters. We also can offer siding services for any size complex, from a single apartment building to an entire development. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive work with multi-family dwellings.