While it looked great when you first moved in, your home’s vinyl siding these days is more of an eyesore than an eyecatcher. Now your dilemma: paint or replace? 


Painting your Kentucky home’s vinyl siding yourself (or having it professionally painted) has some advantages worth considering. Generally, painting vinyl siding is less expensive than a complete siding replacement. If you tackle the job yourself, you will make up for the lower cost through sweat equity — the job could take you many weekends to complete.

You also have more control over color choice, since the siding can be primed to get a neutral undercoat for a lighter or darker topcoat. 

Painting vinyl siding has some serious drawbacks worth examining. Any large exterior paint job is daunting, but with siding, you add difficulty:

  • Cleaning
  • Removing old paint as needed
  • Cleaning (yes, again)
  • Priming
  • Painting two coats

Here are some additional drawbacks to consider:

  • New paint does not mask existing damage to vinyl.
  • Vinyl is, of course, a type of plastic, so a darker paint scheme could cause the siding to become so heated by sunlight it deforms, sags, or collapses right on your home’s exterior walls.
  • Painting the siding may void any existing manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can expect to repaint within the next five years. 


In most cases, the advantages of replacement are far greater than the advantages for painting. Consider these reasons to contract for new, beautiful, replacement siding:

  • Existing siding has damage, noticeable flaws, or heat deformation
  • Replacement siding outlasts any paint job
  • Update your siding with a more contemporary look
  • Less expensive over its life than paying for new paint jobs every five years
  • Newer siding may offer greater energy efficiency than the existing siding

If your current siding is more than 20 years old, replacement may offer a wiser investment. At 20 years, you are already on the downslope of the siding’s useful life, so any money spent on repair, painting, and repainting does not return value. Replacement siding, by contrast, recoups 120 percent of its installation cost at resale, according to Cost Versus Value. So, should you paint or replace vinyl siding? Every Kentucky homeowner’s situation is unique. Talk to your local siding contractor, and, if necessary, your local painting company. When selecting a siding contractor, be sure to contact us at AIC Roofing & Construction, Inc., to get the best service, highest quality installation, and greatest value for your investment.