If your home needs a roof replacement, it’s important to understand exactly how the cost of your new roof is determined. That way, when you get an estimate, you’ll know exactly what materials will be used and the scope of the work. The following elements help determine the costs of your roof replacement.

The size of the roof

A larger roof will naturally cost more to replace than a smaller roof. Roofers count the size by roofing squares, each of which equals a 10-by-10-foot area.

The pitch of the roof

The pitch is the steepness of the roof. A very steep roof can require more materials and will also make the job more difficult. It takes more time to replace this type of roof. In addition, roofers won’t be able to stack materials on the roof as they work in a section and they’ll need to wear harnesses and other additional safety gear.

How many layers of shingles you have

Some homes have only one layer of shingles, while others have two. It takes more time to remove two layers, so this type of job will cost more.

The cost of materials

The type of shingle roof replacement material you choose will affect your roofer’s costs as well as your own. The least expensive material is asphalt, followed by wood, metal, tile, and then slate.

What’s being replaced

Replacing your roof consists of more than simply installing new shingles. All the underlayment should be replaced in addition to the ice and water shield, drip edge and flashing (chimney, wall, and valley).

The entire scope of the work

In some instances, roofers can place shingles over your existing shingle roof. More often than not, they tear off your old roof and replace the shingles. You’ll also need to make sure they’ll haul away all the garbage generated by their work, such as old shingles and roofing nails.

Each element of the work performed can affect the cost of your roof replacement. Replacement of the underlayment and other components, hauling off the garbage, and other parts of a thorough job separate professional roofers from the non-professionals.

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