1. Call a Qualified Contractor
    Selecting the right company to assist you is critical. AIC has thousands of satisfied customers throughout KY and can guide you through a simple claim to a complete home renovation.

  2. File an Insurance Claim
    Call you insurance and notify them of the damage that your home has received. Once you request a claim to be filed the process will officially begin.

  3. Schedule an appointment with the Insurance Adjuster
    This will allow a representative from the insurance company to assess the property damage as well as give the AIC representative an opportunity to disclose to the adjuster all damage discovered during our inspection.

  4. Make Selections
    Once claim is officially approved your AIC representative will contact you regarding the selection of colors, styles, quantities, etc. for all items covered in your insurance claim.

  5. Production
    AIC will act promptly in ensuring that all work is completed quickly and scheduled to ensure minimum inconvenience occurs.