Frequently Ask Questions

My home suffered minor/major damage during a recent storm, what should I do?

Call AIC for a free in-home consultation to assess damage. 859-243-0015

Also, call your insurance agent and initiate the claim process.

My neighbors are all getting new roofs due to a hail storm but mine looks fine. Could I have a problem?

Yes, hail causes issues that don’t fully materialize for some time. It’s always best to have a professional perform a full inspection.

How long is your roofing workmanship warranty?

They vary depending on materials used, but our most common system comes with a 10 year system warranty.

Could my home restoration cost more than the insurance is paying?

The answer is no! However, many homeowners decide to upgrade while the work is being done. The additional expenses incurred by the upgrade will be your only “out-of-pocket” expense besides your deductible.

Can I just overlay my current roof with new shingles?

AIC does not offer this, nor does AIC recommend doing this. Multiple layers often exceed recommended weight loads as well as shorten the life span of the “new” roof by as much as half.

What does AIC stand for?

It stands for the three values of our company: Affordability, Integrity, and Consistency.