Other Central Kentucky Services to Add Value

A healthy, fully functioning roofing system is more than just a roof. There are many components that work together to shed water off your home and away from your foundation. 


Skylights pierce the weather-resistant envelope of your home’s roof. They must be installed by highly skilled technicians so that they do not leak. Done properly, skylights provide plenty of light, a sense of uplift, and a peek at the beautiful night sky. 

Once the outside work is finished (skylight, flashing, shingles, sealing), your interior contractors can complete drywall and paint. 


How sad to think a beautiful new roof would sit atop faded, drab, rotting or damaged siding! Spruce up your whole home with a siding facelift, and see your home value and curb appeal increase!


Gutters are integrated with your roof so the water your roof sheds is safely collected, channeled, and swept far away from your home’s foundation. Good gutters are as vital to a warm, dry home as that beautiful new shingle roof. 


Few homeowners have a stockpile of cash ready to apply toward a new roof. Yet, a beautiful, eye-catching fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof can add years of life to your home; it can protect your valuables, pets, and family; and it can improve the resale value of your house, should you decide to sell. 

The dilemma of needing a new roof and finding a way to pay for it disappears when you have a professional, local roofer ready to work with you. Financing through AIC Roofing & Construction can help you avoid the consequences of water infiltration, increased humidity, mold, and mildew. 

Depending on your credit history, the easy steps to fast approval are just a mouse click away. We work with GreenSky, a financing company able to offer two outstanding options:

  1. No interest charges if the entire loan amount is paid in full in 12 months; or
  2. A fixed-rate of 9.99 percent (subject to credit approval) for 96 months (eight full years to repay the loan!)

When you consider the many benefits of partnering with a single company to have a new shingle roof, skylights, siding, and gutters installed for one “package” price, you will see that working with AIC Roofing & Construction is the wisest move you can make. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your Central Kentucky Home into a showpiece!